Try the Westworld slot machine

Westworld slot machine
August 18, 2022 0 Comments

If you loved the hit TV series Westworld from HBO Nordic, then you’ll definitely love the Westworld slot too. Produced by gaming company Aristocrats, it belongs on the very top shelf of modern slot machines.

The game is built around the well-known characters from the Westworld universe, and you will of course find the robots Dolores and Bernhard on the reels. Sadly, there’s no room for Sidsel Babett Knudsen’s character, but Dr Robert Ford in the form of Anthony Hopkins is fortunately in the game – and he’s unsurprisingly one of the highest paying symbols on the slot.

The Westworld slot is packed with film clips from the popular TV series, and of course there’s a tasty bonus game too. It’s called the Delos Lab Free Game and is free spins with extra wilds on the reels. In the main game itself, you can hit both Revirie Respins and a Delos replay feature. When you get replays is random, but it’s always nice when it happens.

The Westworld slot is available at most US casinos and is one of the most popular slot machines “over there”.

It is expected that the slot will be launched in an online version in 2020. We will of course update this article when that happens.

Become Friends with the Friends slot machine

Friends slot machine

Have you also spent long afternoons with your legs up on the sofa as one episode of Friends replaced the next? And do you get nostalgic and distant when you hear the Friends theme song ‘I’ll Be There For You’ sung by The Rembrandts?

Well, then the new Friends slot from SG Gaming is certainly a spinning – and exciting – novelty for you. After all, the slot is built to the highest standards, and you play with the New York skyline in the background, while the title song from Friends plays in an instrumental version on repeat. It can get a bit taxing after 10 minutes, but maybe we’re just not dedicated enough to go the distance.

The Friends slot features no less than four different bonus games where you’ll be joined by Joey, Ross, Phoebe and all the other well-known characters from this iconic TV series. It’s actually very well done. The game has a Mystery Stacks feature that pops up randomly, and then big wins often beckon. The symbols on the reels come from the series, of course, and you’re sure to recognise many of them. For example, Phoebe’s guitar or the turkey that Joey wore on his head in the Thanksgiving episode of season 5.

In addition, you’d be wise to hit the three bonus symbols on the middle waltzes, because then you get to spin the big Friends Wheel of Fortune, where you can hit cash prizes, free spins or one of the four fun bonus games.

The launch of the Friends slot is timed perfectly. The six cast members have just signed a deal for a reunion episode, so I guess Danish Friends aficionados have something to look forward to.

The Friends slot has five reels with four lines on each, giving 40 different paylines. The payback percentage of the game is 96%.

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