Introduction to slot machines based on a TV series

slot machines based on a TV series
September 14, 2022 0 Comments

There are hundreds of different slot machines you can play at your favourite online casino. We all have our own favourite games, and that’s often closely linked to whether you’ve won a big prize on the machine on a previous occasion, isn’t it?

However, there are also slot machines that just do something special whether you’re lucky or not. It could be games with a really cool bonus game, lots of sticky wilds, free spins or a blistering re-spin feature that you’ve fallen in love with.

One common feature of the best and most entertaining slot machines is that they usually have a unique theme, where the player is pulled into a fun and familiar universe, so to speak. It is these slot machines that this article is about; slot machines based on a TV series.

We are focusing on slot machines that all have in common that they are based on a well-known TV series. There has not yet been a slot machine based on a Danish TV series, but there is no lack of desire. We know from confidential sources in the field that the gambling industry has been trying for years to create a slot machine based on the well-known Matador universe. But until that day comes, you might enjoy the Olsen Banden slot machine or the world’s most popular slot machine; Starburst.

In other words, only foreign TV series have been given the honour of appearing in a slot machine, and that probably has something to do with the fact that a lot of royalties have to be paid. Therefore, it is smarter for the game producer to find a theme that can be used across borders – and here the big popular TV series are just a good draw.

Give the Peaky Blinders slot machine a shot

Peaky Blinders slot machine

The Peaky Blinders slot machine from 2020 is perfect entertainment for those who have enjoyed the fantastic series on Netflix, HBO or wherever you’ve been binging the British gangster drama. Unlike several other movie series-themed games, this one is brand new, which means the gaming experience is modern and significantly better than most games.

The slot is, of course, based on the TV series about the Peaky Blinders crime gang from Birmingham, England. Among the symbols you will find four of the main characters of the series – i.e. head Tommy Shelby, Aunt Polly, Arthur Shelby and young Michael Gray. Unfortunately, you’ll have to look far for Alfie Solomons, but there are still plenty of references to the TV series.

You can hit a Peaky Blinders bonus badge to get into the bonus game. You can win cash and free spins respectively in the two bonus games, which translate to “Shelby’s Bet Shop” and “Ordered by The Peaky Blinders”. If you’ve seen the TV series, you’ll know the references – otherwise it just sounds like a translation that can be worked on.

The background music is not the original from the TV series. I.e. you’ll have to do without the title tune “Red Right Hand” by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, but the soundtrack still works very nicely. The soundtrack is a total rip-off, so you’ll have to listen closely to hear the differences. The game is also peppered with sound clips from the TV series, so the game retains that special Peaky Blinders vibe. During spins and re-spins, the music changes character, so there’s variety for those long sessions.

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