Batman Begins – Nolan’s successful reimagining

Batman Begins
October 11, 2022 0 Comments

Batman Begins is a game in the Batman trilogy by game developer Playtech. Together with The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises, the games form a trilogy just like Christopher Nolan’s classic Batman films did. In 2005, 2008 and 2012 respectively, they managed to lift the popularity of the Batman franchise to new heights.

The Batman Begins slot faithfully follows the film, and the universe is of course a faithful replica of the big screen version. As in the film, the story of Batman is the starting point and the backgrounds are, for example, five selected destinations from the film. The symbols are also the familiar ones from the film: Batman, Bruce Wayne, Commissioner Gordon, Scarecrow, Ra’s Al Ghul, and Dr Jonathan Crane. Sadly, no room has been made for Ducard, Alfred Pennyworth or Bruce Wayne’s fling Rachel Dawes.

The backgrounds change as you fill up a “ticker”/counter, and you experience a whopping five different scenes starting with a snowy version of Ra’s temple, then Wayne Manor, Batcave, Arkham Asylum, and finally The Monorail. We like that the game changes character a bit along the way, so it doesn’t get too static.

The game is a bit convoluted, but that’s mainly because the different symbols and features change depending on which destination you’re in.

Batman Begins also features a whopping four DC jackpots (Grand, Major, Minor and Mini), so you can win several million in one spin. At the time of writing, the biggest jackpot is a whopping £6 million.

Batman & The Batgirl Bonanza offers retro atmosphere

Batman & The Batgirl Bonanza

The Batman era can be divided into several periods, the first of which were the films and TV series about Batman in the 1960s. Kapow! Bang! It was action until the last minute as Adam West, starring as Batman, and Burt Ward, as his sidekick Robin, took down all manner of villains in Gotham City.

Game developer Ash Gaming has created no less than six Batman slot machines with a retro twist: Batman & Catwoman Cash, Batman & The Riddler Riches, Batman & The Penguin Prize, Batman & Mr Freeze Fortune, Batman & The Joker Jewels and then the game we’re focusing on here Batman & The Batgirl Bonanza. All these games are based on the great superheroes of the 60s.

Batman & The Batgirl Bonanza is quite different from the superhero themed slots above. The game obviously follows the old school look and feel of the legendary series, and therefore juggles around with retro effects and a very cheerful look. It’s a far cry from the gloomy stories, soundtracks and effects of the above games. The colours are bright and the music equally upbeat.

In the game, the Batman and Robin symbols are accompanied by Batgirl, Commissioner Gordon and a host of familiar symbols and effects from the popular universe. Despite its somewhat simple look, the game is packed with nice details. You’ll find respins, Batman Team-Up free games and, of course, four attractive DC Comics jackpots. That means you could win a handful of millions in just one spin. KAPOW!

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